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Interviews, Essays, & Articles



+ Building Beats with Blockhead - an interview with music producer Tony Simon.

Blockhead on a lifetime of sampling, moving from crate-digging to digital archive diving, and how he builds his songs.

+ Tony, You Blockhead - an interview with music producer Tony Simon.

Blockhead on his love for NYC and his enduring collaborations with rappers billy woods, Aesop Rock, Marq Spekt, and Illogic.


Essays & Articles

+ Tell Them Anything You Want - an essay about one of my favourite people: Maurice Sendak

+ Boom Bye Yeah - SuperMC team-ups and hip-hop mashups.

+ In Favour of Boredom - an ode to the merits of boredom.

+ Endlessly Bored - on the effects of boredom in both our working & personal lives.

+ The Office is Dead. Long Live The Office - an article expanding the idea behind the tagline and concept film I developped for F&S.

+ Burn, Baby, Burn - an exploration of what causes burn-out and how it affects us.

+ December, 6th - an exploration of growing up with the tradition of Sinterklaas and its cultural significance.

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Script development & editing

  • VO development for a brand film for Meliefste in collaboration with Tell All The People (2019).

  • Script development & creative direction for four brand films for Unsaid Library (2018).

  • Concept development & scriptwriting for Lacuna Lab’ roster of clients (2018 - )

  • Preliminary script development for Beeldhouwers’ roster of clients (2017 - 2018)

  • Concept development & scriptwriting for 'The Office is Dead. Long Live The Office' for Fosbury & Sons, in collaboration with the production company Beeldhouwers. (2017)

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Copywriting, Editing, & Translation

  • Lacuna Lab - Sustainable Fashion Agency - Belgium - Function: Scriptwriting & social media content writing for their client roster (2018 - )

  • Crecendo - Investment Firm - Switzerland - Function: Brand voice development, content writing, and translation (Dutch > English) (2018 - 2019)

  • Fosbury & Sons - Co-working office - Belgium - Function: Brand voice development, content & copywriting, script concept film ‘The Office is Dead’, and translation (Dutch > English) (2017 - 2018)

  • Beeldhouwers - Production Company - Belgium - Function: Scriptwriting & content development (2017 - 2018)

  • Slow Cabins - Eco cabins - Europe - Function: Initial script development for their concept film & content translation (Dutch > English) (2018)

  • FROOMLE - Conversion specialists through AI - Function: content translation (Dutch > English) (2018)

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The Office is Dead, Long Live The Office

Do you ever wonder what an office could be if it wasn’t an endless drip of mediocrity? If the same dull decor didn’t frame your Monday to Friday routine: the shared desk; the inoffensive colour scheme; the cutesy, little bits and bobs your coworkers disperse around their one to four square of personal working space. What could an office be if you weren’t chained to your desk from nine to five, looking out onto a sea of sameness? What if your dedicated workspace was more than your desk, the break room, and a meeting room three doors down? What if it could be more than a stream of interruptions you couldn’t get away from?

In her book of essays, The Writing Life, Annie Dillard says “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” And truly, is the tedium of a standard office how you want to spend your life?

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December, 6th

When I was little, the 5th of December meant placing your shoe by the chimney or radiator just before you went to bed. You’d stuff it with a carrot, a few cubes of sugar, and a rolled up drawing hailing the characters of the current festivities. Come morning, you’d rush into the living room, excited to see what Sinterklaas had left you. There’d be mandarins, preferably rather leafy, and speculaas in the shape of the fairytale saint himself. Sometimes, there’d be gold-wrapped chocolate coins and chocolate figurines wrapped in colourful, aluminium foil. And, there’d be toys. Toys you’d spent the weeks before selecting from catalogues, window displays, and the endless cycle of commercials being pumped out since early November. You’d flick page after folder page—crammed into your letter box the weeks before—and cut or tore out the ones you wanted. At school, you’d draw a line art version of a hessian bag and stick your cut-out paper toys on it. It was the thing to do, to tabulate.

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F&S Meeting Rooms

The environment we move through, live within, and work in has an impact on us. That’s why we’ve created an extraordinary space not just for you to work in, but to play in, to learn in, and to collaborate within. We invite you to host your events, meetings, and seminars with us—an offsite location to make all the difference.

Our meeting rooms come in multiple sizes, something to suit whichever need you have. Our smallest room takes up to eight people, while our largest room can hold up to sixty-five. Have an event or a seminar in mind, then consider renting our lobby, which takes up to three-hundred people.

We pride ourselves on our service, that’s why we welcome you as you would welcome friends at home. When you hire a meeting room with us, our staff is there to greet you, and you have full access to our social space: lobby, bar, lunch room, lounges, and focus booths. 

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