Perfume bottles

Created for an interview with Abel Organics founder, Frances Shoemack. "Abel Organics grew out of founder Frances Shoemack’s need for a truly organic perfume. Unable to find one that didn’t sport any mystery ingredients on its label, Frances decided to create one herself. Abel is a blend between essential oils and food-grade grain alcohol, but more than that Abel is crafted as an indulgence or as Frances says: "A Good Vice, crafted for your pleasure". Each ingredient, responsibly and ethically sourced, creating a whole, other than the sum of its parts. A perfume, but good enough to drink. And, that’s exactly how it’s served at the Ritz in Berlin."

"Named after Abel Tasman, a Dutch explorer who was the first European to discover New Zealand in 1642. The name is also a nod towards the link between New Zealand and The Netherlands. The former being where both Frances and perfumer Isaac Sinclair were born and grew up, and the latter where Frances is currently living with her husband, Dave, and their one-year-old son, Rufus."


Abel Organics relaunched in the Fall of 2016, under Abel Odor.

Mixed media 


Illustrations & Interview by Julie Smits