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Fosbury & Sons | The Office is Dead

Script for Fosbury & Sons

During the Fall/Winter season of 2017, I collaborated with BEELDHOUWERS to create a concept film for the Belgian based co-working office ‘Fosbury & Sons’.

Julie Smits - Fosbury & Sons Beeldhouwers - making of the office fosbury_11_small.jpg

“Do you ever wonder what an office could be, if it wasn’t an endless drip of mediocrity?

The Office is Dead’ - Concept film for Fosbury & Sons


BEELDHOUWERS and I, were given free-range to create a concept film that emphasised the core values of ‘Fosbury & Sons’: a beautiful and stimulating environment; a culture of innovating companies, both large & small; vibrant and motivating events; and an all inclusive service to make your life & work easier.

I’d been working as a copywriter for the Antwerp based co-working office for about a month when the request for the film was made. About two weeks before that I’d been toying with the idea of borrowing the phrase ‘The King is Dead, Long Live The King’ and repurposing it into ‘The Office is Dead, Long Live The Office.’

It seemed the perfect description for what Fosbury & Sons was trying establish: a large scale, luxury co-working concept in Belgium.

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I wrote the script in about three days, and we only went through two drafts before I and the team were happy with the results. We were given the green light without the demand for any alterations.

Here’s the VO—voice by the wonderful actor Joshua Rubin:

Do you ever wonder what an office could be, if it wasn’t an endless drip of mediocrity?

If you weren’t chained to your desk from nine to five, looking out onto a sea of sameness. Overwhelmed by a stream of interruptions.

What could an office be if there was room to breathe? If there was space to unwrap ideas and let them flourish? What could an office be if you were supported in the endeavours you take on? If your needs were met with a tailor-made approach. If there was space to collaborate. To celebrate within and to learn from one another. If there was place to come together, and place to be apart.

Who could you be?

The Office is Dead,Long Live The Office


Script | Concept | Creative Direction: Julie Smits
Edit | Creative Direction: Glenn Verdickt
Camera: Kris Lathouwers
VO Actor: Joshua Rubin
Sound Design: Jeroen De Meyer
Production Company: Beeldhouwers
Photos: Kyky Kong Kong