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I am a visual artist & writer—located in Antwerp, Belgium—with a love for meaningful storytelling, deep exploration of complex subjects, and long-form media. I am also the creative director & founder of This Savage Beauty—a creative agency & online magazine that explores the non-complacent, the beautiful, and the weird through essays, interviews, and music.

I am an advocate for diversity & inclusion. Near and dear to my heart are destigmatisation of mental health, anti-racism work, and representation and equal rights for my LGBTQIA+ community, with an emphasis on supporting trans, non-binary, and intersex folks.

What can I do for you?

As a (copy)writer, I can aid you in getting at the heart of the story you wish to tell and whom you are trying to reach—including elevating your brand language, articles, and B2B communication. My work is rooted within thorough research, as to avoid unoriginal concepts, writing, or even worse: public dissatisfaction or miscommunication.

I write in strong, sensory invoking, and deeply visual language. In both, American & British English (with a preference for the latter in my personal work), including knowledge of colloquialisms and vernacular by region and cultural groups (including determining whether the proposed language falls under the appropriation of minority groups).

One of my great loves is working in film, from concept to script to the creative direction and collaboration with small to mid-sized teams. I am available for brand & campaign films, as well as a contributing scriptwriter for TV. You can find my film portfolio over here.

As for my design & illustration, I work with a very limited amount of clients. If after giving my portfolio a thorough look, and you still feel that my style is a good fit for your commission or brand, then feel free to reach out.

If you are of the belief that a ‘Jack of All Trades’ can be a master of none, then let me tell you that to my neuroatypical brain none of these are separate skills. They are the overlapping threads of a larger tapestry.

Julie Smits - Design - Halfton Circle.png


I am the creative director and owner of the creative agency & online magazine ‘This Savage Beauty’. My past clients and collaborators include Fosbury & Sons, Unsaid Library, Tell All The People, Beeldhouwers, Lacuna Lab, and The Detox Kitchen. Scroll down for a full overview.

This Savage Beauty (BE)

Founder - In early 2017, I started This Savage Beauty. It is a creative agency & online magazine where I explore of the non-complacent, of the beautiful, and the weird through essays, interviews, and music. It is a love letter to the things that have shaped and continue to shape my internal cultural and artistic landscape.


Tell All The people (BE)

Script & VO writer - In early 2019, I started to work with the production studio ‘Tell All The People’ for some behind the scenes and Voice Over work. For out first collaboration I wrote a VO for the Dutch restaurant ‘Meliefste’, as well as directing the VO actor and taking on the communication with the sound studio.


Lacuna Lab (BE)

At the end of 2018, and into early 2019, I was asked by Lacuna Lab to create a social media campaign around female empowerment & the abolishment of perfection. I created three short films, in collaboration with Bram Speeckaert, that showed the behind the scenes of how Lacuna Lab works and their almost exclusive female teams.

2018 - 2019

Unsaid Library (BE)

In late 2018, I was asked to further develop the scripts for four brand films for the upcoming jewellery brand, Unsaid Library. A brand that focusses on the intent & meaning behind each of their collections, and the emotions left unsaid. At the center of all of their collections is love: familial love, new life, romantic love, and gratitude.


Fosbury & Sons (BE)

Copywriter, Copyeditor & Designer - I worked as a (copy)writer & editor for the Belgian based luxury co-working office Fosbury & Sons from Fall 2017 till Summer 2018. I was in charge of creating layout design & copy for their website, as well as content around our modern day working culture for their journal and social media. My absolute favourite part of working for them was to able to create my first concept film ‘The Office is Dead’ in collaboration with Beeldhouwers. We were given free-range from concept to execution; I loved the freedom of creating a solid concept from scratch and collaborating with a small team.

2017 - 2018

Slow Cabins (EU)

Copywriter & Translator - Slow Cabins places temporary off the grid eco lodges at secret locations within the EU. I translated their Dutch based website into English.


Froomle (BE)

Copywriter - Froomle developed an AI algorithm to boost conversion and engagement for brands. I wrote and edited the copy for their existing case studies (JBC, Het Nieuwsblad, Telenet, VTM, and Netflix).


The Hungry Child (UK/BE)

Writer & Illustrator - The Hungry Child was a self initiated love letter to the natural world through a series of botanical and zoological illustrations, articles, and plant dictionaries.

2015 - 2017

The Detox Kitchen (UK)

Illustrator - The Detox Kitchen focusses on fresh, delicious, and healthy food. I created thirteen botanical illustrations to celebrate the opening of The Detox Kitchen’s second location in London.


Baldwins (UK)

Illustrator & Designer - Baldwins is a London based company founded in 1844, and in their own words, they are 'Purveyors of Natural Products'. Baldwins hired me to create five illustrated drinks & one recipe poster for their ‘Summer Campaign’ to promote their range of teas, herbs, and herbal based supplements


Nutrition Stripped (US)

Illustrator - Screensavers for their monthly ‘Style Your Screen’ for the month of December (2015) and April (2016).

2015 - 2016

Raw Imagination (UK)

Illustrator, Designer & Copywriter - Raw Imagination creates raw vegan, take-away lunches & deserts. I illustrated, designed, and wrote copy to create an online presence for their brand. Both my illustrations and copy were meant to highlight their commitment to fresh made, healthy, raw, vegan ingredients.