Julie Smits
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I'm a creative. I'm a writer. I'm a designer.

With my creative agency, This Savage Beauty, I get to work with some of the exciting talent currently taking root in Belgium. Together, we translate the vision and values of brands into the perfect story through design and writing.

Outside of my client work, This Savage Beauty, is my personal labour of love. It's an online magazine made up out of interviews, essays, and music. It's a collective. It's an experiment. It's an exploration. It's a project in process.

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I write for brands. I write for you. I write for me. 

Language threads its way through my veins, through sinew, and marrow. It makes up my night. It makes up my day. It burrows through the recesses of my mind and waves its way to the forefront of my being.

It kicks. It clicks. It trashes and wicks. It's beautiful and ever-present. It's easy. It's hard. It's an exercise, and it's my one true love.


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Manipulated, trashed, slashed, mashed, melded, and squeezed. Ugly, glitched, hand drawn, hand pushed, stretched, and lived in. Beautiful, but macabre. Taken, collaged, weirded in, and weirded out. Slathered and painted on, scrawled across, broken, beaten, restored, and sometimes, very sometimes: entirely clean.

My approach to design is whatever will bring across the story or the idea the best. It's a love for the visual and technique. It's uncompromising, and it's not on trend.